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Chardonel This lovely and fragrant wine is reminiscent of a beautiful peridot. This is a perfect summer afternoon wine to leisurely share with friends. It is a very pleasant dry wine and is full of flavors. $13.50 ea.

This French hybrid varietal is medium bodied, spicy, dry, and has a dark ruby color. It is aged in oak and lends itself delightfully to all kinds of pastas. $12.00 ea.

Cynthiana This deep garnet colored, dry, classic Missouri wine is robust, full-bodied, and rich in flavor. This wine is also aged in oak, and lends itself perfectly to meats and specialty dishes. $14.50 ea.

Prairie Rouge Eureka! Another red! Like a lovely purple alexandrite, this beautiful, on-the-dry-side, red wine compliments a wide variety of dishes. You decide. $12.00 ea.

Traminette Like a lovely, light, topaz this pale, semi-dry wine is guaranteed to please almost every palate. A glass of this wine is filled with romance. $12.00 ea.

Vignoles Rare and precious amber describes this delightful little semi-sweet white wine. This wine is aromatic and has a good balance. $13.50 ea.

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Shipped in quantities of 6 and 12

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